Using service robots to get cutting edge retail engagement leave a lasting impression

Best Service Robot for Businesses
Our case studies in Southern California Retail shows the net effect of
Best Robot driving sales chart
deploying Best robot/ Sanbot robot are:
  1. Branding your product and service as the best and most progressive (Brand ambassador) 
  2. Get ten fold more foot traffic
  3. Increase interaction
  4. Increase Social Media and worth of mouth mentioned 
  5. Getting your store team a helping hand 
  6. Increase revenue 
  7. Leave a lasting impression 

Best service robot childrenThere’s nothing that delivers a premium brand experience like best robot/ Sanbot. It has the ability to connect on a deeper level with customers, get better data in real time, and leave a lasting impression. 

Retail advantages:
  1. Your New Brand ambassador and tireless promotor
  2. Acquiring New Customers Engagement 
  3. Driving Awareness 
  4. Increasing Customer Attention
  5. Product promotions (QRcode
  6. Converting Sales 
  7. Innovation at Point of Sale 
  8. Get better data about your customers 
  9. Tools to enhance your product
  10. Store security 
best retail robot app screenshots
Most retailers and business (small or large) know the vaule and necessity of getting their virtual business or store (website/e-commerce) optimized. This is called SEO and is done through inbound marketing and website optimization. Website chat box is used for personalization of the web presents. 

Best robot/Sanbot purpose is to optimize the physical store (Brick and mortar). This is called Robotic As A Service (RaaS). Through its features and functions.

Best robot service robot verbal communications and responses are designed for helping the store staff to get the more qualified product and service educated customers. 

In websites, you have seen the function of the chat box and now the AI enable chat box. The best robot has this function and even more. 

The best robot will be personalized engagement is critical when it comes to customer retention.

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