Sanbot can give you personalized home security cheaper than ever before

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Have you ever wanted a personal butler and security guard 24/7? Aren't a multi-millionaire? Are you at least into gadgets? If so, then Sanbot is who you need.

Sanbot can act as a much smarter alternative to home CCTV monitoring services. While CCTV helps identify criminals after they do damage, Sanbot seeks to stop it before it happens. As far as I know, CCTV cameras do not and cannot automatically call the police or warn you when there's an intruder, but Sanbot does. Sanbot's 360-degree camera will intelligently see the faces you interact with and identify them as friendly. This is done thanks to Sanbot's facial recognition technology. If Sanbot detects a new face then it'll ask for a password that you can pre-share with close friends/family. If they don't get the password then it will send you a text and attempt to get them to leave. With the click of a button on your smartphone, you can connect to Sanbot and see what's going on. Sanbot's facial recognition system can also be made to create a blacklist of people not allowed in your house. Simply scan a picture or point people out in CCTV footage and Sanbot will make sure that they won't take another step in your house again.

sanbot home secuirty technology future safe house service replacement bring improvement

In case that you can't get to your phone for some reason, but need to immediately call the police, Sanbot can help. When Sanbot calls the police it firsts notify them of your address. After going through that it then acts as an interface to allow you to talk. Sanbot can also double up as a 2nd fire alarm and detect smoke. It automatically calls the local fire department if you don't respond within a set time and are detected to be home. You can think of Sanbot's security features like a helpful dog who has learned how to operate cameras, phones, and doesn't require any maintenance.

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