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Get your very own personalized and professional robot

posted Jul 22, 2017, 5:14 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Jul 25, 2017, 4:56 PM by best robot us ]

Get your very own personalized
and professional robot:

Personalized and professional robots (PR) by 2020 will be high-tech and wil be able to provide services to each business, as home and programming computers becomes outdated.

This new Robotics' giant will replace large operating system based software companies. These new companies will produce PRO software for every personal robot.

We believe the entire personal computer industrial sector will be over shadowed by Personalized and professional robots industrial sector. We can see this happen in relatively fast paced amount of time. 

The second machine age

Personalized and professional robots  will be products of the up coming industrial revolution or so called "second machine age". 

The next industrial revolution will give birth to a new industrial called Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Industry of which the basis is Cognitive Engineering. People will not search anymore instead they will ask and Personalized and professional robots of all kinds will search and provide an answer or solution.

The two key technologies for the coming industrial revolution are programming in natural languages and robot body manufacturing. While the latter is an evolution from the current industrial sectors, the former is a revolution that will reshape human history in the following aspects.

First, it will merge the virtual world with the real world. Second, it will initialize the human-machine co-evolution, which will lead to the next to the next industrial revolution. Third, it will enable the researchers of human minds based on the measurements of different kinds of variables of human minds.


In the agricultural age, humans took advantage of horses, cows, elephants, and dogs to boost their productions or security and then used humans (slavery) for more delicate tasks (i.e. picking cotton, working in the farms, coal mines, and other factories). 

In the industrial age, the biological robots (animals and slaves) gave the stage to machines that could do the job faster, better, more efficient and at a lower cost. This took many years and still not finished.   

This phenomenon was due to the humans need for more productions to feed and support their needs and not because the cheap labor force was scarce. 

First were tractors, then large agricultural harvesters, and then very heavy equipment.


In 2016 - 2017, we have seen personalized and professional robotics coming to market place both for homes and business. Many of us already seen them in the shopping malls for security applications and robots cleaning rugs. ( Picture: 7/2017- Boston- Shopping mall security robot) 

Personalized and professional robots introduction in the market place such as "best robot"/ Sanbot S1 telepresence robot. This robot can be purchased now for every low monthly payment and can be easily programmed to do a host of home and business for many chores and tasks.

What is next?

The next step stage is Robot stores next to Apple stores in the shopping malls, the same way you have seen Tesla show rooms. 

You can pick and choose from different robots models to make your life easier, safer and more productive. 

This is the same way self-autonomous vehicles ( Tesla and Google car) making your life easier, safer and more productive.

Let's face it human design is for higher tasks such as dreaming, imaging, innovation and my favorite discovery. Humans do not like repetitive work such as driving cars ( while eating or doing a makeup). We by design getting bored fast, make mistakes (sometimes very deadly) and forget both long term and short term.

You might not call your automated teller machine, your coffee machine, your washers, and dryers, your self-autonomous vehicles or 777 on auto pilot a robot, but that is you. The reality is human by nature do not like physical repetitive work and they like to delegate as much as possible.

How can you be part of this innovation cycle?

Get your Personalized and professional robots (PR) now and start learning how you can learn and enterprise. You purchased your 1st computer and you never forgot that transaction and how much you learned and transformed because of it. You also never forget your 1st robot.

Are you ready to break new ground with the next piece of disruptive technology that will transform your business and the way you engage with customers? Then you’re ready to learn more about Best Robot / Sanbot S1 and start working with Sanbot today.

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