Why Sanbot is the latest "must-have" technology for hardware stores


Everyone's project is unique, which is why many people decide to take their questions to their local hardware store rather than Google. Their questions usually have a huge range of complexity ranging from "are these two parts compatible" and "is my project even possible." For questions and projects simple and complex, there's one robot that could help with them all: Sanbot. Sanbot is an open API, machine-learning (AI) robot. Sanbot can intake raw data (such as the store catalog), and learn, even make connections from it. This makes Sanbot smarter than Google and able to answer a very wide range of questions on hardware.


Sanbot isn't just a glorified Googler, but he can also serve as a high-tech greeter. Customers will very likely remember the time they were greeted at the door of that one store by a robot. As a result, they are more likely to tell their friends about the store. They might even come back later. Sandbot can also fulfill the role of security by scanning hardware from a distance to see if it has been paid for as people exit. If Sanbot finds that it hasn't been paid for, it can alert the staff and remember the face of the person with the item for the next time they come around.

Customers are often lost in hardware stores, they know what they want but they just don't know where to look. Sanbot can help here too. Unlike humans, Sanbot can memorize the entire database of different tools/parts and their locations. And, because Sanbot is a robot, it can look up the entire catalog in less the second. Unlike a smartphone, Sanbot can take customers to exactly where the part they're looking for is. Along the way, Sanbot talks about the different deals going on in the store and can offer coupons, increasing overall sales.