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Shape the future of Your Customer Engagement

As business owners and store owner, you pay a lot to get foot traffic into your store. This is done through many techniques that are costly and time-consuming.

Clearly, in getting more foot traffic the focus is squarely on your message, offerings, your brand, and appearance. Like any New York fashion designer preparing for his run way, you want to make the most of what you already have to look your best.

Challenge is the following old techniques takes you so far:
  1. Create A Memorable Monument Sign
  2. Make A Display For that Window
  3. Roll Out A Red Welcome Mat
  4. Put Your Best Out Front
  5. Put Something In Your Parking Lot!
  6. Fly Some Flags!
  7. Decorate Your Outside Walls!
  8. Move Out A Portable Sign!
  9. Plant it Up!

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You can supercharge many of the above techniques and create new store experience by simply getting friendly telepresence business robot, customized to your business and offering.

You can place the robot on your door step or inside your store inviting visitors into the store. Service robots like "Best  Business Robot" Sanbot S1 can attract 100's of potential customer to your store on daily basis ( Robot does not get tired or forget the messages) and share your specials and your message with them.

Sandbot S1, greeting service robot can effortlessly:
  1. To be Customized to your brand and business
  2. Carry display and your brand with audible messages on:
    1. On its front display messages videos, and pictures 
    2. Using its projector, projecting messages, videos, and pictures 
  3. As Meet and Greeter with your special messages
  4. As a provider of information and recommendation such as today's specials and their QRcode
  5. Collect customer feedback
  6. To be an entertainment ( Video, music, dancing .... )
  7. To help you to remotely view your client via your Q-link ( Sanbot mobile phone app)
  8. Be your security agent watching for your interest. ( Robot video recording and recognition features) 
  9. Predict - Get an in-depth knowledge of customers with Best Business Robot proprietary Predictive Analytics algorithm.
  10. Collaborate - Share Sales and Finance objectives to take smart decisions in real time - with Best Business Robot proprietary Predictive Analytics algorithm.
  11. Boost - Grow Sales and Accelerate Cash
  12. and more ......
Following is Sanbot S1 customizable features (open API):

You can Contact best robot's expert staff and find out how you can your Sanbot S1.

If you need to get more customer and visitors analytics and retail interactions,  you can contact us for more info.

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Shape the future of Your Customer Engagement

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How to attract customers to your retail store?

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