Why robots are the new ATMs - Best Robot as a service for banking and financial sector


The best thing that has ever happened to banks was the ATM. That was in the 70s. ATMs decreased the number of tellers a bank needs to operate and they allowed for much quicker transactions. It was a win win situation. Almost 50 years later, and thanks to the rise of robotics, we will soon be seeing the rise of a new "ATM" in banks. The best example of bank-centered robots so far is Sanbot. Sanbot is already working in the Bank of China, helping to push forward the limits of intelligent banking solutions. In this bank, Sanbot takes care of most jobs so that staff can focus on more complex jobs. As a result, the Bank of China has greatly decreased their labor costs while increasing customer satisfaction. This helps the bank stay more competitive and provide better rates for their customers, without destroying their profit margins. 


So what does this robot do exactly? For one, Sanbot attracts a lot of onlookers. Many customers come just to see and interact with Sanbot. This cute robot is helping to attract new customers to the Bank of China. Sanbot is capable of (2-way) conversational voice interaction with customers. Thanks to that, Sanbot can help serve customers that walk through the door. Whether they need a consultation, or if they need a human teller, Sanbot can help with guiding them. Sanbot can guide customers to offices and ask/answer critical, but time-consuming questions. If Sanbot finds a simple solution, then everything is great. However, it's more likely that after Sanbot learns everything there is to learn from the customer, that it will contact a human consultant. Then, Sanbot will observe the conversation to learn how to handle the situation by itself next time. As more and more data is collected, Sanbot becomes better at its job. This is machine learning at work.

Robots like Sanbot are also great for providing security. When interacting with users, Sanbot has a touch interface, this makes users have to sign into the robot before it answers account-specific questions. With the help of its 360-degree camera, it can make sure only authorized people are listening in on the conversation. In the case of an emergency, such as a robbery, Sanbot can help keep the bank safer. Sanbot can detect when an emergency is in progress (maybe even before, if it learns enough) and contact the local authorities, Sanbot does this quicker than bank staff and without the risk to human life. Let's see an ATM that can do that.