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MPS: One Program, Infinite Solutions

MPS is a Multi service Platform System that allows you to centrally control and connect to your Sanbot robots and Smart devices, use QIHAN Cloud and Q-link to connect business and consumers, collect and analyze data, create an IoT ecosystem, and view your business from a new perspective.

MPS Interactive Logic

Best Robot MPS Active Logics

MPS Functions 

Best Robot MPS Functions


Device Management

  • Allocating robot’s information of serial number, remark, location, etc. 
  • Showing, grouping, searching for associated devices
  • Monitoring robot’s online or offline status
  • Remote Management of the robot tasks
  • Upgrading firmware remotely

Task Feeds

Best Robot Device Management

Remote Surveillance

  • Set an area to be monitored and set an intruder alarm
  • Auto cruise and remote surveillance of the shop
  • Monitor the store’s operation status anytime, anywhere

Best Robot MPS Remove Surveillance

Data Collection& Analysis

Best Robot US MPS Collection:

  • MPS tasks send types, frequency, conditions
  • Robot App triggers times, frequency, duration
  • Collects robot interaction frequency, user recognition, voice interactions, remote control interactions
  • MPS runtime log, operation log

Best Robot US MPS Analysis:

  • Create data report
  • Achieve precision marketing

Best Robot MPS Data Collection

Commercial Cases

  • Unitive Marketing Promotion
  • Conveniently manage different regions:
  • Delivering different tasks to a scheduled group of devices.
  • Various functions and features include customized screensavers,
  • dancing, trumpet, text, audio, video, PPT files, robot movements,
  • projector, surveys, raffles and more.

Best Ribit MPS Commercial Cases