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Introduction is working to create groundbreaking software products and services that impact business and people’s quality of life in meaningful ways and create new opportunities and jobs. (Make a difference).

Founded and led by a diverse team of entrepreneurs, Growth marketers, software professionals in robotics, Cognitive voice, AI and machine learning, entertainment, and consumer electronics, our mission is to bring positively new robotics applications to improve our client's life and businesses (Work Easier,Better, Smarter & More Efficient) . We are supported by Qihan Technology Co. Ltd.

Our development goals are:

  • Help customers to drive operational innovations and be their unfair advantage 
  • To drive customer engagement and experience resulting in customer satisfaction and re-engagement

Our office is located in Irvine, California. We are a team of passionate Entrepreneurs, business developments, engineers developing new Robotics Software products from the ground up.

Ideal applicants have expertise in application development in:

  • Hospital’s Robotics - Patient Care - Healthcare - Fitness - Wellness 
  • Retail centers/shopping mall’s Robotics 
  • Retail store’s Robotics - Clothing 
  • Pharmacy Robotics 
  • Grocery and convenient store robotics 
  • Hardware Store’s Robotics 
  • Financial Organization’s Robotics ( banks, payday loans .etc. ) 
  • Convention Hall's Robotics 
  • Exhibition organizer’s Robotics 
  • Hotels and hotel Robotics 
  • Airport’s Services Robotics 
  • Nursing Home’s Robotics 
  • Elderly home support Robotics 
  • Senior center’s Robotics 
  • Home Security Robotics - Telepresence Robot 
  • Home assistance Robotics 
  • Disable people Robots - Rehabilitation Robots (Stroke patients, disable veterans)
  • Children and adult gaming Robotics 
  • Smart Home Management Robotics 
  • Entertainment Robotics 
  • Educational Robotics ( Kindergarten)
  • Special Children ( Autism, Seizure, Cancer, Serio palsy, etc.) 
  • University's Robotics 
  • School’s Robotics 
  • Social Assistive Robots 
  • Office assistive Robots - Front desk & reception 

Position Summary is seeking to add a passionate, talented and creative Human-Robot Interaction Software Engineer to our growing technical team. Responsibilities include:

  1. Design and develop a robot software applications that intelligently handles inputs from a wide variety wearable devices to customized Sanbot a social robot to specific vertical 
  2. Lead vertical user perception and interactivity on the robot 
  3. Work collaboratively with: 
    • Excellent communication skills to effectively collaborate with an interdisciplinary team 
    • Domain experts to implement robot features and behaviors specific to end-users' needs 
    • CV and ML experts to improve and personalize user perception 
    • Have fun & learn while working at a startup with a great team and an incredible mission! 
  4. Minimum Qualifications: 
    • 4+ years developing complex interactive robot software
    • BS/BA in CS, CE, EE, or Robotics 
    • A builder who loves using the latest in AI and human-robot interaction research to create lifelike interactive agents
    • Creative team of writers and animators to design engaging robot content
    • Experience in the field of social or socially assistive robotics, building autonomous interactive systems 
    • C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Git; comfortable with both object-oriented and procedural programming
  5. Preferred Qualifications:
    • Experience building robots with variable behavior, especially adapting behavior over time 
    • Experience creating software with a high level of interactive content (e.g., games, stories) 
    • Familiarity with software frameworks to efficiently create and manage content on a large scale 
    • Experience delivering production software for robotic systems, especially mass-market consumer items 
    • Experience designing, training, and implementing advanced person tracking and recognition