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Best Robot Sanbot Features Highlights

Humanoid Beauty

Sanbot is the perfect blend of human and machine. An ergonomic design fitted with the latest technology.
Every interaction with Sanbot provides the optimum robot experience.

Perfect Awareness

Equipped with a unique 3-D camera, Sanbot can read your every gesture and pose, bringing the interaction between man and machine to new levels.

3-D Dynamic Perception

Equipped with a unique 3-D camera, Sanbot can read your every gesture and pose, bringing the interaction between man and machine to new levels.

HD Laser Projector

Sanbot comes with a laser projector fitted on its head. A 720P resolution and a maximum projection of 65 inches will make every viewing spectacular.

Animated Waving Arms

Sanbot’s animated arms have a lighting display with 250 colors to choose from and can move to the beat of the music. Dance or exercise with Sanbot anytime.

HD Touch Screen

Sanbot’s 10.1 inch H-D touch screen delivers a high-resolution viewing, precise touch control, and the best viewing experience.

Unlimited Movement

An excellent structural design enables Sanbot to use 12 small free-moving wheels for 360-degree spot rotation and can easily navigate complex paths and surfaces.

Auto-Self recharge

Sanbot can find the charging station and re-charge automatically.This allows Sanbot to serve you and be your smart life companion 24/7.

Facial Recognition

Sanbot can recognize family, friends, and registered visitors. Sanbot will verify any unknown persons.

Voice Localization

Sanbot can locate you by just your voice. Sanbot will move and face towards the direction of your voice.

Video Chat

Sanbot’s easy-to-use video chat eliminates time and distance limitations, which is great for health consultations, family gatherings, or business meetings.

Obstacle Avoidance

Embedded with more than 10 obstacle detectors, Sanbot can avoid obstacles automatically when working or moving.

Magical Audio-Visual Experience

Sanbot’s 3D camera and HD laser projector bring you a high-quality theater and gaming experience wherever you are. Commercial activities such as lectures or conferences have excitement now, thanks to Sanbot. Dance & Game

Brilliant Tutor

Sanbot is the perfect tutor for anyone and everyone wanting to learn. Sanbot’s self-learning capability and cloud based services information platform give the user access to a massive on-line database of subject matter.

Health Care Management

Sanbot can remind patients and seniors to take their medication on time and even issue alerts and warnings if there is a spike in their blood pressure.

Smart Home

letting you enjoy the smart life in comfort.

Always Online

No worries about Sanbot going offline due to low battery. When Sanbot’s battery becomes low, Sanbot will find the charging station and recharge on its own. Always enjoy the smart life, no matter where you are.

APP Control

Sanbot Highlight Open API Speech Recognition Facial Recognition Human & Object Detection Projector Access to business operation data Automatic Recharging Monitoring Smart Home Obstacle Avoidance APP Control Voice Localization.

Open API

Sanbot ROS system can realize remote control management, data storage and analysis, third-party’s data integration, hardware socializes and other hi-tech services, speeding up the business intelligence and volume. Sanbot’s being invited by IBM at WDC, assists platform humanoid robot to be the main orientation of prospective AI industry, as well as improved the Sanbot’s influence and developmental structure in the global world.

Sanbot open API platform humanoid robot has been customized to apply to the airport, hotel, supermarket, agriculture auto management, customs inspection and hospitality, Public Square and received high praises from Chinese senior officials. In 2017, Qihan will implement the oversea localization strategy. With open and win-win attitude, we are to set up 100+ sales and service stations in global developed countries & areas, offer platform humanoid robot solutions for 1000 enterprises & units, and provide higher service quality and better service experience.