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Best Robot Sanbot Customization team 

Best Robot US is working to create groundbreaking applications and services that impact businesses and people’s quality of life in meaningful ways. Founded and led by a diverse team of pros in Software development, robotics, AI and machine learning, entertainment, and consumer electronics, our mission is to bring ground breaking positively disruptive technology to the full diversity of consumers. We are supported by  Qihan Technology Co as a California based distributors. 

We have experience working on following verticals:

💡 Airport’s Robotic
💡 Boat and yacht concierge Robotics
💡 Car dealership concierge Robotics
💡 Children and adult gaming Robotics
💡 Convention Hall's Robotics
💡 Disable people Robots - Rehabilitation Robots (Stroke patients, disable veterans)
💡 Educational Robotics ( kindergarten)
💡 Elderly home support Robotics
💡 Entertainment Robotics
💡 Exhibition organizer’s Robotics
💡 Financial Organization’s Robotics ( banks, payday loans ...etc. )
💡 Grocery and convenient store robotics
💡 Hardware Store’s Robotics
💡 Home assistance Robotics
💡 Home Security Robotics - Telepresence Robot
💡 Hospital’s Robotics - Patient Care - Healthcare - Fitness - Wellness
💡 Hotels Robotics
💡 Nursing Home’s Robotics
💡 Office assistive Robots - Front desk & reception
💡 Pharmacy Store’s Robotics
💡 Retail centers/shopping mall’s Robotics
💡 Retail store’s Robotics - Clothing
💡 School, College, and Univerity Robotics - concierge
💡 Senior center’s Robotics
💡 Smart Home Management Robotics
💡 Social Assistive Robots
💡 Special Children ( Autism, Seizure, CaWarehouseo palsy, etc.)
💡 Warehouse security and management  Robotics

Best Robot Sanbot Open API

Sanbot ROS system can realize remote control management, data storage and analysis, third-party’s data integration, hardware socializes and other hi-tech services, speeding up the business intelligence and volume. Sanbot’s being invited by IBM at WDC, assists platform humanoid robot to be the main orientation of prospective AI industry, as well as improved the Sanbot’s influence and developmental structure in the global world. 

Sanbot open API platform humanoid robot has been customized to apply to the airport, hotel, supermarket, agriculture auto management, customs inspection and hospitality, Public Square and received high praises from Senior Chinese officials. In 2017, Qihan will implement the oversea localization strategy. With open and win-win attitude, we are to set up 100+ sales and service stations in global developed countries & areas, offer platform humanoid robot solutions for 1000 enterprises & units, and provide higher service quality and better service experience.

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