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👌 Increased foot traffics
👌 Sharing human staff's workload
👌 Sanbot’s functions in the store:
👌 Customer receptionist
👌 Route guide
👌 Cutting human labor cost
👌 Improving service and customer experience
👌 Production interpretation and answering inquiries
👌 Interactive entertainment
👌 Latest information and special offers broadcasting in stores
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A powerful new business optimization tool for your business or store that makes it easy to: 

Help Your Customer Like Never Before

💡Fun Engagement
 Interesting social engagement in  real-time

💡Capitalize waiting time
Take advantage of your customers’ waiting time

💡Effortless Communications
Update and manage promotional content in real-time

💡Interesting Engagement
Attract, engage, convert, and reward customers

💡Boost Sales
Capture leads and important
customer data

💡Split or Bucket Test
A/B Test and learn different products
and service messages
💡Effortlessly capture customer information
Customer information best robot presents your activity
 and records the customer’s first information

💡Proactive, tireless prospecting
Welcome customers, give Presentation, make offers,
 make sales, make appointments & collect referrals
👌 Offer Greeting, thank you and reciprocity. Build trust
👌 Provide Real-Time Benefits to Make the Customer Experience More Fun
👌 Use Robotics as a Tool and as powerful platform optimizing your brick and mortar store
👌 Simplify Your Customer’s Experience to Increase Satisfaction and Retention
👌 Engages customers with your brand messaging and pushes out special offers
👌 Pushes out product info, promotions, and special offerings like loyalty programs
👌 Use and Analyze Data in Forward-Thinking Ways
👌 Leverage and Embrace Customer Feedback
👌 Anticipate, and Act On, Customer Needs
👌 Gives customers a special reward that ensures their interaction with robot is unforgettable